Chronological Activities

Chronological activities and innovations our group underwent during the last 50 years:

1962 We were the first to use live steam to moisten unfermented oriental tobacco in Greece in our own factory in Thessaloniki, Greece.

1963 We had orders from American tobacco, BAT, Reynolds, PM, Brinkmann.

1964 We started growing Burley and Virginia in Greece.

1965 we build our own 10.000 m2 redrying plant in Alexandria Greece.

1966 We were the first to develop soft drying for Orientals in Greece for BAT Germany.

1967 Started large exports to Egypt and Germany.

1968 We taught to grow the Hungarian state Monopoly through a joint venture agreement Burley.

1969 Started transferring our main activity from Greece to Italy and Made TABITALIA srl.

1970 We started growing tobacco in Italy Verona FCV and in Caserta Burley.

1971 Introduced growing of German Badischer Geudertheimer later called IBG (DAC) in north Italy.

1972 went to Moldova UDSSR as technical advisor of an Italian subcontractor to solve agronomical problems   that appeared in growing Tobacco for the factory in Chisinau, which produced also Marlboro.

1973 Sold from Verona FCV for the first time to Phillip Morris 2.000 ton.

1974 Made, planned  and participated financially to the second threshing plant in Italy, in the Verona area.

1975 Entered the Rumanian Market with Italian Tobacco.

1976 Started Export to Egypt, Libya and Maghreb of Italian tobacco.

1978 Started I/III tonga manipulation in Lecce for Italian Orientals and started soft drying in Italy.

1980 started growing, packing and selling  Havanna and IBG in the Benevento and Caserta Area.

1981 Started experiments to produce organic fertilizers in Malta.

1982 started Growing directly 150 ha of FCV  in Verona with high nicotine varieties.

1984 Build our factory in Malta for the production of Nicofert and first export of 3000 tons to DUBAI.

1985 Long-term contract for the supply of Nicofert to the Al Naboodah Group Dubai. (We still supply today 2012).

1986 bought participation in Italian biotechnological company to acquire necessary know-how on Fermentations.

1987 Started exclusive Export to Rumania and Albania from Italy of low grade tobacco in large quantities (8.000ton).

1988 Started buying from Lebanon tobacco and processing it in Italy. Export to Russia.

1989 Started exporting large (2.000 tons a year) quantities in the US of IBG fermented and worked in our Malta factory.

1990 Imported 8.000 tons of Italian tobacco into Rumania from Italy. Transferred stocks from Malta to Romania. Started closing Malta.

1991 started from Rumania, export to Cuba 2000tons, Russia 2000tons, Moldova 1500tons and made long time agreement of supply with Rumanian state Monopoly and started supplying over 10.000tons a year till 1999 when Rumanian Monopoly was privatized.

1992 started planning and building primary factory in Rumania and started packing tobacco in Moldova and Ukraine and exporting cigarettes made of our tobacco to Uzbekistan.

1993 started producing and selling cut rag in Rumania and ex Russian countries.

1994 started importing into Rumania from Greece and Bulgaria and selling mainly to Rumanian monopoly.

1995 started importing through multinationals Indian tobacco to Rumania.

1996 started producing cigarettes in our own factory in Rumania and selling on the local market, reached a maximum of sales of 100.000.000 pieces a month and sold factory (main brand ROXBORO) with contract of supply of tobacco cut rag for 3 years.

1997 started producing RYO in pouches 50 grams reached a production and sale of 10 tons a month and sold our shares.

N.B. our experience in the retail distribution was negative due to the price fight with the major multies.

1998 started large sales to Moldovian Tutun Chisinau factory 3000 tons.

1999 Our CEO had a devastating car accident but survived.

2000 Company started preparing the management of the next generation due to accident of CEO peter Buchner.

2001 Rumanian Monopoly is put up for sale and total privatization, Last important supplies are made by our group to Rumania.

2002 The new management entered the Russian. Byelorussian and Ukrainian Market and continued supplying the Rumanian Market to a lesser extent. Started sales of Cut rag to Dubai, and to small factories in Rumania.

2003 Started sales of cut rag into Ukraine and Moldova and expanded sales into Rumania started growing on Own land 150 Hectares Burley in Rumania.

2004 Sold Rumanian Interests and started transferring remaining activity to Italy Benevento Area.

2005 Closed down completely Rumanian Venture and transferred all activities to Italy.

2006 Participated to put up new redrying line and blended strip processing line in Italy.

2007 Went to Bulgaria to try the production of Blended strips with Bulgarian Tobacco but encountered big technical problems due to the natural bacterial/mycotic flora present on Bulgarian territory.

2008 started transfer to the republic of Moldova and local studies for direct growing and production of cut rag. Participated to put up new threshing line in Italy.

2009 started in Moldova purchase of land and building, started investment, developed local organization. Put up Silos system in Italy and an automatic scrap cleaning line.

2010 Build Greenhouses for seedlings, drying barns and irrigation system for 200 ha. Started growing in Moldova.

2011 Build and started production of primary factory in Moldova and growing second year of 200 hectares. Expanded our production line in Italy with new vacuum Chamber and amplified Threshing line and stem processing line.

2012 Participated in Finland in a company for retail sale of Tobacco products and opened our first shop in Helsinki with tube filling machines and our own retail products.

2014 Development and production of bulk tobacco extracted e liquids. Development of tobacco brewery brand for European market.

2015 Building a new factory to produce and pack blended strips in Hungary for the production of up to 3000 kg an hour