Our Products

We are specialized in:

  • High and middle quality blended strips, Composed of FCV, toasted burley, Orientals. Ready to be cut by the final buyer and producer of the finished product, without the necessity of a primary line, but only of a cutting machine. Produced with our special technology that the tobacco by us supplied will not get moldy for 6 to 12 months, packed at 16 to 22% moisture, in polypropylene inner lining sealed bags. Produced in the EU in our factory in Benevento with 100% traceable Italian tobacco. The Blends are American Blend, English style Blends, European Blends, Halfzware blend, for cigarettes 0.7, super slim, Ryo, Myo, Pipe tobacco. Packed in new C48 cartons. With just in time Deliveries of min. 5 tons. Sales per year about 5 million €.
  • The production of high quality cut rag of the above types, processed in Italy and treated through our Primary, situated in the Republic of Moldova, into cut rag according to customers specifications. For Export to the EU we supply EUR 1 certificate.

To the blends we can add upon Customers request: expanded stems, recon Tobacco, Expanded cut-rag and others. We can produce 100% natural tobacco without any artificial additives if requested, as well as limited quantities of Organic tobacco . Our production capacity in Moldova is of 1000 Kg/h.

  • We supply raw Tobacco that we grow ourselves or have contract grown, in Italy for about 1.400 ton and in Moldova for about 300 ton , Packed, fermented, threshed and when requested produced in blended strips or cut rag.
  • We pack and deal in to be Processed or ready tobacco lots according to the quantities our customer commit with us.
  • We produce, sell/export Organic Fertilizers including Nicofert.

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