Tradition, Know How, Innovation

Tobacco – Blended Stips – Cut-rag and much more

Primary and Secondary Machinery

Chronological activities and innovations our group underwent
during the last 50 years:

We Deliver the finished product taking care of all aspects

We study tailor consumers solution

Organic & Special Fertilizzer

Finished Products

Cigarettes, RYO, MYO, shisha – all your needs from graphics to blending to please all smokers.

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“No matter what Aristotle and the Philosophers say, 

nothing is equal to tobacco;

it’s the passion of the well-bred, and he who lives

without tobacco lives a life not worth living.”


— Molière

Our greatest innovation

Production and sale of cut Tobacco, Cigar Filler, Blended Strips.
Tobacco supplies from Italy, Greece, Spain, Bulgaria,Turkey, Romania, Moldova, Albania, Lebanon, Zimbabwe, Brazil, India, Indonesia, in leaf, strips, stems, scraps, fines or in blended strips, according to customer’s requirements.
We are processing and grading according to international standards from green leaf to packed tobacco. The production and the sale of the cut-rag, the cigar-filler, as well as the blended strips; are done with professional skill to the highest qualitative standards.
No order is too small according to industrial quantity and no special request in processing will be refused.
If you need straight laid leaf, butted hand-trips and any special presentation or sorting we can handle it for you.
In 2009 we started in partnership with a specialized italian company distributing finished tobacco products.
This new venture brought us to become in few years one of the leading and succesful entities of the distribution and logistic market, being able to handle and take care of all the sector’s needs.
Our staff has the know-how and blending knowledge from basic scents, tobacco sauces/casing and top flavors for the main brands in the market, as well as, to develop the aromas and flavors. We formulate and blend our products according to customer’s needs, in order to comply with the market necessities concerning taste, image, yield, nicotine and/or nitrate contents. We fine-tune our blend and rags to
the taste and satisfaction of our clients.


We have specialized ourselves to the needs of farmers and nature lovers. Many years of experience in growing, contracting, fermenting, threshing and packing tobacco.
We are able to offer: tobacco stored, packed, or produced in our own factories in leaf, strips, blended strips, ready made cigar filler, various under products and cut rag for cigarette, Myo pipe tobacco, and R.Y.O. factories.
We are independent and with international know-how.
We offer personalized just in time supplies at even more competitive prices, guaranteeing the supply even in years with short crops due to our independence and the fact that we grow tobacco directly.
Our continuous research, as well as our knowledge in biotechnological advanced growing methods is reflected in the quality of our products.
The pricing of our industrial products is extremely competitive due to the direct supply chain.
We produce upon customer request to precise quality requirements and deliver JUST IN TIME for the production necessities.
Our group through its Biotechnological research participation, is a major producer in the EU of Organic fertilizers, as well as ecological products and techniques for plant protection.