Who we are

Who we are

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Our history

of tobacco producers began in the 18th century.

Since 1791

We are in tobacco business since 1791, when our forefather Antonio Marino started his international tobacco business in Istanbul. Since then we have specialized ourselves in growing, contracting, fermenting, threshing and packing tobacco.


We are an independent family owned, organization that offers personalized “just in time” supplies. We are able to offer: tobacco stored, packed or produced in our own factories in leaf, strips, blended strips, as well as cut rag for cigarette, pipe tobacco, RYO and MYO.


Research and knowledge

Our continuous research and our knowledge in biotechnological advanced growing methods reflects in the quality of our products. We are also a major producer in the EU of Organic fertilizers and ecological products and techniques for plant protection.

Supply tobacco from

Italy, Greece, Spain, Bulgaria, Türkiye, Romania, Moldova, Albania, Lebanon, Zimbabwe, Brazil, India and Indonesia.


We are processing and grading according to international standards from green leaf to packed tobacco. We can produce with the highest professional skill and qualitative standards straight laid leaf, butted, hand-trips and any special presentation or sorting.

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Interested parties are invited to visit us in our head office and showroom in Rome and in our processing plants.

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Via Castenedolo 10 – 00188 Rome - Italy


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