who we are

Restyling of our Brand

Italian Flair is changing, renewing and transforming itself.
Italian Flair is refreshing its image with a logo restyle in October 2021, to convey a desire for renewal and a forward-looking gaze.
The restyling aims to introduce new graphic and text elements, leaving unchanged and enhancing the distinctive elements of the logo itself.

Made in Italy

We are celebrating Made in Italy by using the colors of the Italian flag, bringing it back into the logo to recall that Italian Flair possesses the Italian spirit and typical know-how of Made in Italy, the mark that promotes Italy around the world. The lettering has been preserved and emboldened for emphasis.

Internationally renowned business

We have added a baseline beneath the Italian flag featuring characteristic elements of a TOBACCO COMPANY to highlight that Italian Flair is an internationally renowned specialist in the tobacco business.


Graphical symbol

The modernized graphical symbol is highly distinctive both in terms of shape and color, the red represents the satin ribbon that has always been used to package tobacco samples before being sent to our customers.

The future

The logo symbolically represents a sail pushing Italian Flair forward, towards the future. It also represents the engine of knowledge and passion of the people who work here.