The Inter-Tabac Expo 2013 in Dortmund. Results and reflections

Dec 18, 2013 | News

The Inter-Tabac Expo 2013 in Dortmund gave us very good news. German City has greeted us with its usual pro-work attitude. A well-organized expo sees our staff at its 5th continuous participation. Moreover, this year’s edition gave us the opportunity to meet old friends and new clients. We have strengthened old partnerships introducing in the market our newest projects.

For the Inter-Tabac Expo 2013 in Dortmund, keep in mind these names. They will be part our future: Top Virginia – Meclaren Time – N1 Original Virginia – N7 Original Virginia – Tobacco Jewels – Italian Flair – Arabria.

Our long-lasting successful pre-blended products as well as our outstanding cut-rag. And our quality tobacco have once again striked the market making us and our staff proud of these results.

In conclusion, our new slogan “Tailor-made services” explains our will to focus all our strengths on our clients needs.

Thanks for your support.

Italain Flair team