Press release August 2015

Aug 18, 2015 | News

The Italian Flair pay attention to our products features. The group is transferring within the end of the year our main Tobacco warehouse and processing plant to Hungary. ‬‪That because we need more efficiency to serve our esteemed customers.

In particular, this plant will have a processing capacity for packing leaf of 3000Kg/h. And of pre-blend strips of 2500Kg an hour and a higher quality standard. Nevertheless, we will continue to produce our Cut-rag from our plant in Moldova. Moreover, we continue to supply and be present with our facilities in Italy, as before. Expanding, we continue to be the reliable supplier you have known at extremely competitive prices. We expanded our activity in the following domains:‬


‪LVCE project has been developed with one of the major independent premium cigar manufacturer in the D.R. After close cooperation with the Buchner family that took over three years of intensive work to see its bright future. The aim of the Project was to create the best possible cigars for Italy, one among the most expert and demanding markets.‬‪ Our range of medium to full bodied cigars will make any ordinary occasion an absolutely unique one. Due to its incredible flavours and wonderfully complex aromas, harmonized by the perfect blending. Our wise composition and creation of flavours and aroma, give moments of matchless pleasure…a VISUAL, TACTILE, OLFACTORY, MENTAL & SPIRITUAL artwork.‬‪ The cigar itsself, design and packing of LVCE is ”De Luxe” for a perfect home to your cigar to wait to be appraised.‬


We produce and pack Shisha, Cigars, Roll your own, Pipe tobacco, packed with our own brand or private labels.


Cased and flavoured as needed. Blended upon customers specifications and requirements by our expert blenders. For high quality de Lux cigarettes to popular cigarettes without filter. We supply ready blends also in cut form. For Roll your own, Make your own, Pipe tobacco, Shisha, snus, Chewing tobacco and ready Cigar filler. Packed in C48 cartons.‬‪


We supply alla grades and varieties: in leaf, hand-strips, machine-strips, as well as it’s under products. From the most important markets in Europe, America, Asia and Africa.


We pack and send raw tobacco. We stock and produce upon customers instructions. Pre-blended strips upon request cased and flavoured. We process into cut rag in Moldova at extremely advantageous conditions both our and third parties tobacco, according to needed specifications. ‬‪You are welcomed to appraise our new products and visit the processing plants for pre-blended strips in the EU. And our improved factory for cut rag in the republic of Moldova now associated with the EU and still member of the CIS agreement.‬

Do not hesitate to contact us for enquiries, we are multi lingual.


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