We are going to be present at International Tobacco Products & Accessories Fair in Krakow, Poland. Dates: 22-23 April 2013, Place: Targi w Krakowie, Krakow, Poland. Our international multilungual team invites you to visit us at Booth number 300, Hall 1. We speak following languages: English, Italian, German, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Greek, Rumanian, French, Finnish.

If you would like to arrange the meeting at Eurotab 2013 with Mr. Helmut Buchner-Baucevich the Chief executive officer of Italian Flair Srl or our team, please, contact int@www.italian-flair.com

We produce and exhibit Leaf and stripped tobacco, Blended Strips, toasted Burley, Cut-Rag for cigarettes, Roll your own, Make your own and Pipe tobacco, Cut tobacco for water pipe and ready ground and flavoured tobacco for snuff and snus.

The company grows and dries directly part of its tobacco, stocks, processes and packs it in its premises to produce upon customers request in Italy and the republic of Moldova, on its own primary plant cut-rag or Blended strips ready to be cut.

Please, visit our website www.italian-flair.com to get more information about our company and products or reach us at int@www.italian-flair.com or if@www.italian-flair.com

Italian Flair Srl


Tel / Fax: +39 /0421 276656

e-mail: int@www.italian-flair.com