Press release Italian Flair Srl, Rome

Sep 19, 2011 | News

Italian Flair srl, Rome is specialized in the production and supply of Blended strips, Blended strips cased and flavored ready for cutting, cut-rag, RYO, MYO, Shisha – Hookah , pipe tobacco ready cut, and for the cigars industry we supply : Havana or the requested blend of long and short filler. We do not pack for retail sales.

 We are direct and contract growers and suppliers of FC Virginia, Burley, Orientals, Dark air cured, Fire-cured,  processed in  Leaf, Lamina, machine strips, butted leaf, hand strips, scraps, fines, short and long stems, from EU tobacco.

 All  our products are processed and manufactured in Central Italy (Benevento area) from high quality EU Tobacco. (Upon order we stock and use also tobacco from other origins.) Our blends are according to customers specifications and requirements, fulfilling strict  quality tests. We create specific blends as our clients require. Our product is constant in quality and taste year after year. We are willing to come to an agreement to maintain for long lasting and planned orders steady guaranteed supplies and  prices. We can supply the product on “just in time” base with programmed dates in order to relieve the producer to stock the tobacco needed reducing the ware-housing space  as well as the financing necessary.

Our experienced multilingual staff is always ready to stand by and elaborate all the solutions necessary for swift relations and procedures. We speak and correspond in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Greek, Rumanian.