Success of Italian Flair Srl at EuroTab 2011 in Poland

Apr 13, 2011 | News

Italian Flair Srl announces its successful participation in The International Tobacco Products and Accessories Fair – EuroTab 2011 in Krakow, Poland on April 11-13.

We were the only stand at the fair exclusively offering tobacco in leaf, strips and ready blended strips. We had an unexpected affluence of customer requesting offers and many of them placing trial orders and some even yearly supplies on a just in time base. Mainly the interest focused on the high quality of our product and the reliability of our supplies. Most of them appreciated the competitive price quality ratio we presented and promised to revert to us as soon as they will terminate their present supply contract. We were able to convince many through our samples and references of our capability to supply the requested blend with planned just in time supplies at the right conditions. Our multilingual team of 6 was barely sufficient to care for all interested parties.

We thank all customers that visited us for the success we experienced.

Italian Flair SRL produces Leaf and stripped tobacco, Blended Strips, toasted Burley, Cut-Rag for cigarettes, Roll your own, Make your own and Pipe tobacco, Cut tobacco for water pipe and ready ground and flavoured tobacco for snuff and snus.

The company grows and dries directly part of its tobacco, stocks, processes and packs it in its premises to produce upon customers request in Italy and the republic of Moldova,
on its own primary plant cut-rag or Blended strips ready to be cut.

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